I stumbled upon Society token, in multi_assets table via cardano-db-sync it has 2 entries with same name but the meta data difference is minimal, as well they're fingerprints are different

  • policy = 25f0fc240e91bd95dcdaebd2ba7713fc5168ac77234a3d79449fc20c
  • name = 534f4349455459
  • fingerprint = asset1tpsewdtydk223j2tkx2wh09qptuyge638246u4


  • policy = 24ecd375f858e31b20ec8c16a19b2c4efededf66f1f994325c41dcc1
  • name = 534f4349455459
  • fingerprint = asset12sq05wm7ujttuzz5v7a3rulgw0zfy2j8e4uez6


  1. How to acknowledge which of the entry is the correct one ?
  2. Are we dealing with an copycat actually, that somebody has made the exact meta data entry?

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When looking from https://cardanoassets.com/ we could see, it might be just an copycat enter image description here

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    Probably they launched it with the wrong supply in the first place and then they launched the second one with 700M. Jun 23, 2023 at 5:31

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