I am building some dapps on Cardano network.

What I want to do is to

fetch cardano addresses whose balances are more than 1M ada.

Can anybody help me with this?


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I see the tag blockfrost so I assume that is your tool of preference.

I believe the only solution using blockfrost would be performing a series of requests for every stake address to the "specific account" endpointand access the controlled_amount field.

you could get a list of all the addresses from a tool like koios: https://api.koios.rest/#get-/account_list

However, tools like blockfrost and koios are not meant for such queries;

What you are asking for is a snapshot of all possible addresses currently present on the blockchain; so what you likely want is to have your own cardano node and your own cardano-db-sync instance to perform these queries.

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