Regarding the topic of single and multi-address wallets:

  1. What are the most commonly used single and multi-address based Cardano wallets? Are there any other single-address based wallets besides Nami or Lace that are live or currently being developed?
  2. What are some strategies to manage multi-address wallet users in a web app? In my database I want to tie each user to their data by their wallet address, and for single-address based wallets there is no issue, however from my understanding some wallets like Yoroi and Eternl create a seemingly endless amount of wallet addresses because apparently in Cardano land you can make as many addresses derived from your private key as you want

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Regarding number 1.

Single Address Wallets aside from Nami and Lace, which you mentioned, are Eternl which have single address mode, and Typhon which allows you to convert the wallet to a single address. These two have my personal recommendation.

At the end of this page, you'll see a list of "other wallets" which has quite a few.

Regarding number 2.

There are many options to accomplish this. Something like CardanoPress or Cardano Connect do this for you. But if you are building your own tool, you can "getUsedAddresses" from the cardano wallet dapp bridge here.

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