I have the following minting script:

{-# INLINABLE verify_mint #-}
script :: () -> V2.ScriptContext  -> Bool
script () _ = (3::Integer) == 2+1

and the following off-chain code to mint a token:

trace :: Trace.EmulatorTrace ()
        trace = do 
            Extras.logInfo @Haskell.String "Starting..."
            handle <- Trace.activateContractWallet Test.w1 contract

            Trace.callEndpoint @"mint" handle ()
            Functor.void $ Trace.waitNSlots 5

        contract :: Contract () Schema Text ()
        contract = do
            Contract.logInfo @Haskell.String "Waiting..."
            Contract.selectList [ mint ] >> contract

        mint :: Promise () Schema Text ()
        mint  = Contract.endpoint @"mint" $ \() -> do
            let constraint = Constraints.mustMintCurrency (Scripts.mintingPolicyHash policy) "ABC" 1
            tx <- Contract.submitTxConstraintsWith @TScripts.Any (Constraints.plutusV2MintingPolicy policy) constraint
            Functor.void $ Contract.awaitTxConfirmed (Ledger.getCardanoTxId tx)
            Contract.logInfo @Haskell.String "Minted!"

However when I run writeToScript as follows:

let cmd = Scripts UnappliedValidators
    let config = ScriptsConfig "keystore-stats" cmd
    Haskell.print =<< writeScriptsTo config "x" trace Default.def

I get the following result:

(Sum {getSum = 0},ExBudget {exBudgetCPU = ExCPU 0, exBudgetMemory = ExMemory 0})

How can this be? Shouldn't minting require some resources?

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It should. writeScriptsTo is buggy at the moment (not sure why, probably a placeholder has been set while we were working on it and we forgot to change it afterwards).

I'm creating a ticket to fix it.

  • Is there any other way to find out how much resources my script is taking in the meantime?
    – Eric
    Apr 19 at 8:55
  • I didn't try it but you can use plutus profiling directly.
    – Nicolas
    Apr 19 at 9:42
  • But how do I obtain the uplc executable? Running "cabal build" in the plutus-apps directory results in an error.
    – Eric
    Apr 19 at 21:37

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