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How to create an unspent UTXO with specific value

I want to create a script (smart-contract) utxo with a specific number of tokens (it can be an output of a transaction before) in cardano-serialization-lib - javascript. I need this utxo to be part of ...

plutus smart-contract cardano-serialization-lib  
user avatar asked by pprs Score of 2
user avatar answered by Falcon Stakepool Score of 0

How To Get All Transactions of Associated With an Address In A Given Interval?

okay so given some reciving address such as addr1qxq7k07cnt8vstdmygu7lpw0tyyssu4trs27qq6f7xjpmvrdrr3j8j5k5yacga4ckv6lnx4p0la57q7nf24eszqk0r2q9axgqv how can I use a service like BlockFrost (or any ...

transaction address api blockfrost cardano-address  
user avatar asked by KryptoKing Score of 2
user avatar answered by RdLrT Score of 1

How to convert Address type variable to get "addr_testXXX" format address?

In plutus endpoint, I want to convert Address type value to get addr_testXXX format address. I have try : import Cardano.Api ( SerialiseAddress (deserialiseAddress, serialiseAddress) ) ... -- here, ...

plutus smart-contract address  
user avatar asked by breeze wang Score of 1
user avatar answered by sounder Score of 0

Stuck in cardano node

Running any cardano-cli command returns this error,Cardano-node is already running in another terminal,CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH is set in environment variable. Confirmed through echo. It leads to node....

cardano-cli wallet cardano-node  
user avatar asked by user7262 Score of 1
user avatar answered by MC_Brisbane - JUST Pool Score of 0

How can I see if an UTxO holds an NFT in the postgres DB?

Is it possible to find out if an UTxO on the tx_out postgres table holds an NFT? OR in generell which kind of asset this UTxO holds? Thank you!

nft cardano-db-sync utxo metadata  
user avatar asked by Pierre Previsionz Score of 1
user avatar answered by Erik de Castro Lopo Score of 2

What is the best way to query stake pools by ticker?

As a developer, I'd like to have a service that retrieves the information of a stake pool based on its ticker (or all the stake pools with that ticker, I know there can be duplicates). I'm thinking ...

stake-pool staking graphql query  
user avatar asked by Falcon Stakepool Score of 1
user avatar answered by Erik de Castro Lopo Score of 3

How to consume and produce new UTXO to same script with different Datum?

I am trying to consume old UTXO at stript and produce new one with new Datum. Validator is validating ok but not sure why new utxo with updated datum is not available. current utxos holds one utxo ...

plutus eutxo  
user avatar asked by Piyush Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the Nakamoto Coefficient of Cardano?

Balaji introduced the Nakamoto Coefficient several years ago: The basic idea is to (a) enumerate the essential subsystems of a decentralized system, (b) determine how many entities one would need to ...

user avatar asked by Paymahn Moghadasian Score of 4
user avatar answered by Markus - CLIO1 Score of 2

How can a single Cardano Wallet have many addresses?

I'm new to Cardano and would like to know about this blockchain. I'm from Ethereum and I use Metamask as my "wallet" for it. I usually have one address only for one Metamask wallet. I'm ...

wallet yoroi address cardano-address  
user avatar asked by cifelse Score of 9
user avatar answered by Mitchell Turner Score of 10

Multisig wallet for Cardano?

Does Cardano support multisig wallets? If not, are there any ongoing projects to have them implemented, any standards defined or at least drafts proposed?

wallet multisig  
user avatar asked by emesik Score of 13
user avatar answered by nalyd88 Score of 8

Details on Mamba?

I've heard Charles mention that Mamba is being actively worked on and might be released in 2022 but I haven't been able to find much information about it. This reddit post suggests that Mamba will be ...

sidechains mamba iele  
user avatar asked by Paymahn Moghadasian Score of 1
user avatar answered by TheAptKid Score of 2

Signing a Tx with Nami wallet

Hello I am tryng to sign a Tx using Nami Wallet, but i have not been able to do it. I did a Tx using cardano-cli , and i've got a JSON file I take the cBORHex:"...

cardano-cli nami-wallet  
user avatar asked by Alicia Basilio Score of 4
user avatar answered by pyropy Score of 4

Bech32 encoding stake address from Shelley address in JavaScript returning wrong value

I am trying to extract the bech32 stake address from a Shelly address using Javascript. I followed the example steps outlined in the answer another question (thanks for the help!) and put together the ...

cardano-address shelley  
user avatar asked by Bob T Score of 3
user avatar answered by 1000101 Score of 4

/bin/plutus-playground-server: No such file or directory

Can't get plutus-playground-server to start. plutus-playground-server: for development use only /nix/store/601kdlvidgan842yfklrmvpbz6a5xkf7-plutus-playground-server/bin/plutus-playground-server: line ...

plutus-pioneer-program plutus-playground  
user avatar asked by ryanaverell Score of 2
user avatar answered by punkbit Score of 2

Can you answer this question?

What is the purpose of use using Cardano-graphql & hasura in the same stack?

I'm in the process of writing some software that will connect to the Cardano networking such as signing transactions & querying historical chain data. During my search for a solution I came across ...

wallet cardano-node cardano-graphql  
user avatar asked by CoderMan Score of 1
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