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Top new questions this week:

Plutus pattern/technique for finding original datum preimage of TxOutDatumHash?

Every UTXO at a script address must have a TxOutDatumHash (or will be unspendable). To spend the UTXO at the validator you provide a datum and a redeemer, the script must validate with your redeemer, ...

plutus-pioneer-program datum  
asked by hrpr 6 votes
answered by Sebastian Nagel 0 votes

testing the English Auction example

I've been toying around with the English Auction example and I have two questions: After an invalid bid (less than the minimum bet set for the auction) from a wallet, a second valid bid from the same ...

asked by Mihai Codescu 5 votes
answered by Travis 1 vote

How do you publish on-chain code to mainnet and testnet?

I've understand that the on-chain code is stored in the blockchain through Playground module which is in sync against a local node. But how to "publish" this code to run anywhere? It's an ...

plutus-pioneer-program plutus-playground testnet mainnet  
asked by Walker Leite 4 votes

What is the minimum amount of Ada needed to stake?

What is the minimum (lowest) amount of Ada needed to stake? Could you have the delegation fee + 0.00001 Ada? Where is this referenced?

stake-pool staking  
asked by ccgarant 4 votes
answered by BETTR Stake Pool 3 votes

Running week01 expressions in repl

I am new to haskell and I am trying to run a few expressions from the English Auction Contract in the repl. So if I want to run ValidatorHash "f" from the second last line of the Contract in ...

plutus plutus-pioneer-program cabal  
asked by Roofi 3 votes
answered by Roofi 1 vote

Q&A English Auction- if a wallets under bids then provides a valid bid, why doesn't it count the second good bid?

if you set up the english auction with three wallets and do the following: Wallet 1 min bid 10 Wallet 2 bids 15 wallet 3 bids 9 wallet 3 bids 20 wallet 1 closes It will got to wallet 2 and wallet ...

plutus-pioneer-program plutus-playground  
asked by noone392 3 votes
answered by Travis 6 votes

Funds not appearing in wallets for highly separate generated addresses

We noticed this situation with sending ADA to a wallet using addresses generated from cardano-address (according to the specifications on which ...

wallet nami-wallet cardano-address  
asked by Eli Selkin 3 votes
answered by nomad0 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where can I find Cardano's academic research papers?

Where can I find the academic research papers related to Cardano? I tried Google Scholar with no success.

asked by Matt Costa 15 votes
answered by Joshua Chia 18 votes

General approach for allowing multiple smart contract transactions per block

In some applications, multiple users interact with the same smart contract and may want to do it at about the same time. Such interaction involves updating the state of the smart contract as embodied ...

smart-contract scaling  
asked by Joshua Chia 20 votes
answered by Marek Mahut - StakeNuts 5 votes

What is the testnet-magic argument and why is it 1097911063?

I am currently running a testnet-node version 1.29.0. To query the blockain, I use the command cardano-cli query tip --testnet-magic 1097911063 to get the last block. What is the testnet-magic ...

cardano-cli testnet query  
asked by Drinkler 7 votes
answered by vaz 8 votes

What's the difference between `unstableMakeIsData` and `makeIsDataIndexed`?

In the docs about validators a function named unstableMakeIsData is used, but has the following comment: -- 'unstableMakeIsData' is a TemplateHaskell function that takes a type name and -- generates ...

asked by Danny Tuppeny - CODER 8 votes
answered by Yanis Urbis 5 votes

Does ADA have any credit features built into it?

Are there any feature of Cardano ADA or its ecosystem that make borrowing against ADA held easier or better than other cryptocurrencies? Will all credit require that an application be developed to ...

ada proof-of-stake  
asked by Troy Henderson 4 votes
answered by Nik R 1 vote

NFT Image not Displaying in after using the 721 Metadata Standard

I am not seeing the image of the NFT I minted a couple of hours ago on I used the standard recommended by Alessandro Konrad and Smaug in

nft native-assets metadata  
asked by h1ddenproc3ss 8 votes
answered by eddex 2 votes

How is a stakepool rewarded?

Let's assume I run a stake pool, where I have pledged X ADA, have received delegations of Y ADA and have set a 1% fee. When my pool creates a block, how much ADA is awarded to my pool and how is this ...

stake-pool ada  
asked by Cryptovios 9 votes
answered by Ashish Prajapati 9 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How does setting up our environment for the course differ from what we'd be doing in production?

I was able to set up my development environment for the course thanks to the help from others in the discord and the guides they developed. I understand that this helps us set up the plutus ...

asked by Nimish 2 votes
answered by Samuel Leathers 0 votes

Pioneer Q&A question: Where is datum actually stored?

Question for Plutus Pioneer cohort 3 Q&A week 1 I'm new to Plutus dev and trying to work out where the datum value is actually stored in a typical Plutus application. From various sources (docs/...

asked by Steve Mason 2 votes

Payment eUTxO input come from wallets, but what contains/forges the script eUTx0 inputs?

The person initiating a transaction to start a transaction provides one or more UTxO from their wallet, but where does the script UTxO come from? Does the initiating participant provide a script ...

asked by nyk 2 votes
answered by nomad0 0 votes
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