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Top new questions this week:

What is the Penalty for Running 2 Block Producer Nodes?

I am working on a block producer failover script and am wondering if there is a penalty for having two block producing nodes running at the same time. Basically there could be a slight overlap where 2 ...

asked by Jacob Ellis 5 votes
answered by Buk 2 votes

What is the size limit on transaction metadata?

Is there a size limit on transaction metadata? If there is a limit, is it variable size or fixed size?

asked by Arthur Greef 3 votes
answered by Andy Jazz 3 votes

Error running Testnet node: unwrapEnvelopeErr = ObsoleteNodeCHAIN BlockNo 2989599 SlotNo 39614381

I am trying to run a testnet node (version 1.29) but it stops sync with this error: $ cardano-node run --topology testnet-topology.json \ --database-path ~/cardano/db/ \ --socket-path ~/cardano/...

cardano-node testnet  
asked by Daniel Cukier 3 votes
answered by Daniel Cukier 4 votes

Endpoint contract response from PAB

Is there a way to return values that are not the unit in JSON form from an endpoint? Currently, any successful endpoint call over HTTP returns "[]". The only way we have to debug content is ...

plutus plutus-starter plutus-pab  
asked by Eli Selkin 3 votes
answered by georgeos 2 votes

How to calculate the transaction Id of a given signed transaction?

How do you calculate the Id of a given transaction? I have hex encoded signed transaction like this: ...

transaction blake2b  
asked by Hiroto 2 votes
answered by Marek Mahut - StakeNuts 0 votes

Minting and distributing to different wallets

I am trying to build a transaction that mints a number of tokens and distributes them to different wallets. Like here: vote :: forall w s. Poll -> Contract w s Text () vote poll = do ... let ...

plutus transaction minting  
asked by Jey 2 votes
answered by Jey 3 votes

In depth resources about the Cardano sidechain research and vision

During the 2021 Summit Aggelos briefly mentions a future of Cardano which includes sidechains which will, among other things, enable integration with other blockchains. Does anyone have in depth ...

sidechains cardano-summit  
asked by Paymahn Moghadasian 2 votes
answered by Mitchell Turner 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Undelegate stake with Daedalus wallet

How do I undelegate (unstake) with Daedalus wallet to receive my 2 ADA deposit back. I remember used to be an option but it seem I can no longer find it. Is there is any way without actually using ...

staking daedalus unstake  
asked by Donni 7 votes
answered by Ben NOBLE 2 votes

Why are staking rewards still coming to my Daedalus wallet when I moved the funds to a hardware wallet?

I recently moved my funds from a Daedalus Wallet that was receiving staking rewards around 18 days ago to a Ledger for cold storage. My staking rewards are still being sent to my previous wallet, is ...

staking ledger  
asked by anonymous 8 votes
answered by Pchap 5 votes

Why are Cardano transaction fees so high?

It's obviously a lot less than Ethereum's, but 0.17 ADA isn't insignificant. What are the main reasons it can't be 0.00017 ADA? I understand that the parameters are configurable over time, but has it ...

asked by Defi Checker 9 votes
answered by Petar Enchev 1 vote

What is the logic behind Cardano's tokenomics and emmission schedule?

Bitcoin was made to be mined until roughly 2140. I like that it was made for decades to come while many projects are built for 4 years or whatever. Personally I do not believe inflation in and of ...

inflation emmission circulating total supply  
asked by Jacoby Nelson 6 votes
answered by gRebel 4 votes

NFT Image not Displaying in after using the 721 Metadata Standard

I am not seeing the image of the NFT I minted a couple of hours ago on I used the standard recommended by Alessandro Konrad and Smaug in

nft native-assets metadata  
asked by h1ddenproc3ss 7 votes
answered by eddex 2 votes

How to query a Cardano node for an NFT's owner?

Is there a way to use cardano-cli (or another tool) to query a Cardano node for an NFT's current owner (wallet address holding the NFT)? The parameters for such a query would likely be the Policy ID &...

asked by nullcheck 7 votes
answered by Marek Mahut - StakeNuts 8 votes

Can two-factor authentication (2FA) be added to the Daedalus and Yoroi wallets?

I would like to ask if it is possible to implement 2FA at the wallets of cardano for increased security. As I see it we like to attract people from developing world they don't have access to hardware ...

yoroi security daedalus  
asked by Nottheonetoday 6 votes
answered by adatainment 5 votes

Can you answer this question?

Nami wallet showing getBalance returning a NaN

Hi i just recently started working with Nami Wallet to be implementes in a web app, but when im trying to get my wallet balance: window.cardano.getBalance().then(res => console.log(res)) its ...

wallet ada address api  
asked by Daniel Diaz 1 vote
answered by Srdjan - 0 votes
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