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Top new questions this week:

Api for historical USD rates?

I want to fetch the historical USD rates from a timestamp, is there any api available for that could be used in javascript?

cardano-node api javascript ethereum solidity  
user avatar asked by Yogesh Score of 1
user avatar answered by LACE pool Score of 1

Can't collect utxo from the gift script address

I'm following Plutus Pioneers Program, 4th Cohort. In the 2nd week we learned the smart contract Gift.hs -- This validator always succeeds mkGiftValidator :: BuiltinData -> BuiltinData -> ...

user avatar asked by dmitry_stas Score of 1
user avatar answered by james Score of 0

Week02 Homework 1

I am getting type mismatch when I use traceIfFalse. What could be be reason? And how could I get this resolved. I also noticed that it didn't fail while I build lecture examples. Couldn't match ...

user avatar asked by user618677 Score of 1
user avatar answered by james Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How Cardano is different from Ethereum (2.0)?

As far as I know, the Cardano project was started to cover issues/problems with Ethereum blockchain. Proof-of-work and governance are some of them. However, Ethereum 2.0 is promising to cover those ...

proof-of-work governance ethereum  
user avatar asked by FelikZ Score of 39
user avatar answered by fuzzybear3965 Score of 46

How to establish trust between a user's wallet, and the backend of a website?

I am building an application that will hopefully offer a login option via Nami wallet, rather than the typical email/password. I understand how this approach can work for on-chain data, but is it ...

wallet nami-wallet cardano-serialization-lib  
user avatar asked by Matt Halloran Score of 7
user avatar answered by Matt Halloran Score of 13

Is there a Daedalus wallet planned for mobile devices (Android and/or Apple)?

Will I be able to delegate to a stake pool from my mobile phone with Daedalus?

wallet daedalus  
user avatar asked by Xrypto Score of 5
user avatar answered by CardanoSaint Score of 6

How are NFTs being minted without smart contract in Cardano?

NFTs are being minted in Cardano even without a smart contract in place. How does it ensure that no more token gets minted with the same ID?

user avatar asked by raghu Score of 27
user avatar answered by Marek Mahut - StakeNuts Score of 32

How to delegate ada to several staking pools using only one wallet?

At the moment if you want to delegate different amount of ada to more than one staking pool you should have two or more wallets. Is there a way to delegate a portion of the coins to one staking pool ...

wallet staking  
user avatar asked by Petar Enchev Score of 5
user avatar answered by Michiel Bellen Score of 0

Will there be a web-based Daedalus wallet?

Will there be a web version of the official Daedalus wallet? It is possible to build one for the Cardano community?

user avatar asked by Dottir Score of 4
user avatar answered by Ben NOBLE Score of 1

EKG metrics interpretation and documentation

Searched, github, and the rest of the internet for some type of documentation that describes each of the items in the EKG metrics, but couldn't find anything. I ...

user avatar asked by Omaha Cardano Pool Score of 6
user avatar answered by Markus - CLIO1 Score of 9

Can you answer this question?

Can I communicate with my local test net via REST/WebAPI

I am using this to run my local testnet. I was using this const CardanocliJs = require('cardanocli-js'); const cardano = new CardanocliJs(...

cardano-cli cardano-graphql cardano-api typescript  
user avatar asked by SomethingCool Score of 1
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